Full day Tour Lunch included

Once capital of the ancient Lydia. The most important architectural works that were discovered here were The Synagogue and Gymnasium. Visit Temple of Artemis situated 2 km south of the city. An altar had existed already here since the end of the fifth century B.C. to the before mentioned altar had its face to the west. Sardis had reaches its zenith. See the famous Patroclos River once King Midas of the Phrygians had a bath in it. One of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor, the Sardis church is also heavily visited after lunch we proceed to Izmir, visit. We will visit the Archaeological Museum. The Museum, which is close to Konak square, has marvellous collection of antiquities. Finally, we visit Kemeralti Market. Most visitors find the streets of Kemeralti Market area fascinating.

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