The Cappadocia is the ancient name of a large region in the center of Anatolia, home to incredible chimney-like rock formations and prehistoric underground dwellings. A highlight of this fairytale area is Goreme, where early Christians built cave churches decorated with elaborate biblical frescoes. It is commonly assumed that the name comes from Persian, Katpatuka, which meant the land of beautiful horses.

For millions of years, the mighty volcanoes of the Central Anatolian Plateau erupted and spewed their contents across the land that would become the cradle of civilization. Blessed with a moderate climate and fertile soil, one of the world's earliest known communities was founded 10,000 years ago.

Cappadocia in east-central Anatolia, Turkey, covering a rugged plateau north of the Taurus Mountains.There is no clear definition to the extent of Cappadocia, approximately it can be set to 400 km from west to east, and 200 km from north to south. At its largest, in the 1st millennium BCE, Cappdocia covered an area all the way to the Black Sea.

Although when we speak of Cappadocia today we refer specifically to the valleys of Goreme and Urgup, with their natural pinnacles and rock churches.

Modern Cappadocia is one of the highlihgts among the tourist destinations in Turkey with it’s charming Cave Hotels, unique expiriece of Hot Air Ballooning and authentic restaurants serving tranditional cuisine and best examples of local vine.

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